We all struggle with life questions.  Why am I here?  Who am I?  Is this all there is?  What happens when I die?

The world says you have to be good enough or better than other people you know.  What is good enough?  The Bible says that none of us is good enough.  God, the creator of the universe, loves you and wants to help you because He made you--on purpose, with a purpose.  He knows you need help.  He knows you can't do it on your own.  That's why He sent Jesus.

The life of Jesus is recorded in the Bible.  He loves you so much that He sacrificed His life for you.  His sacrifice paid for our sins and our failures.  Salvation happens when a person admits they have sinned and steps out in faith trusting that Jesus is the Son of God and that He alone can pay the penalty for his or her sins.

If you're ready to commit your life to Jesus, you can do that by:

1.  You can pray where you are.  Tell God that you're sorry for the things you've done and for turning your back on Him.  Tell Him that you believe that Jesus died and rose again because of your sins, and ask Him to save you.  Tell Him that you're turning away from your sins.  Tell Him that you need His presence to guide you through life.  Tell God that you're giving Him your whole life.  Thank Him for loving you and offering you salvation.

2.  If you'd prefer to pray with someone about this, one of our staff or members would be glad to do that with you.  Please follow the Contact Us link to submit a request and we will have someone get in touch with you

Once you make this commitment in your life, we want to hear about it, and we want to help you take the next steps spiritually.  You'll find several opportunities here on this website, but the most important next step is baptism.  You can read more about baptism here.