Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday at 6:30pm in the Student Center.

 Celebrate Recovery is a ministry designed to help hurting people. It is made up of regular folks like you and me, who are on a journey toward wholeness; seeking recovery from and celebrating God's healing of life's hurts, habits and hang-ups. Trained leaders provide safe, confidential, Christ-centered groups where people can grow. They offer their stories as fellow travelers on the journey to healing.
At Celebrate Recovery we believe that change is possible by the power of Jesus through this Biblical program.

Some Life Issues Dealt With in Celebrate Recovery

  • Anger, Depression, Fear

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Codependency

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics and/or Dysfunctional Families

  • Eating Disorders & Food Addiction

  • Gambling or “Spending”

  • Sexual Addiction

  • Codependent Women in a Relationship with a Sexually Addicted Man

  • Victims of Physical/Emotional & Sexual Abuse

  • Women with Love/Relationship Addiction

  • Rejection